A New Era

As of December 21st 2020 we have stepped over the cusp into a completely new era. We are in the unsettling beginnings of a spiritual upswing. A time of greater well-being for all! The major shifts that are unfolding may seem scary and disruptive, but in order to move forward to create a Better and Better experience for us all, the old dusty dirty ways need to fall away and be discarded. I am referring to the collapse of the 3rd Dimension moving to the higher 4th and 5th Dimension. It has already occurred. There is nothing for you to do but become aware that the “operating system”, so to speak, has been “upgraded”. The old platform is no longer supported. Kind of like Windows 7! You may have noticed that it seems as though time is moving faster. Time is actually collapsing in a way. It is compressing into “the NOW moment”. Therefore you have “less time” than you did before, in that what used to take you 5 minutes to do, now has to be done in a collapsed time frame of say 3.5 minutes. Days, weeks and months seem to all run together. You just start to write the new month and you realize that you are a month behind. How often have you recently heard, “Where did the month go?” Or “Where did the time go? It seems that just yesterday we were…..”

Much is changing, and for the better. Most of it is being looked after from The Prime Creator’s level. Our part will unfold as we will be more aware that we have NEW opportunities and options as to how we choose to experience life. For many of us, we will recognize the great power we each have, to create the world the way we always wanted it to be, or felt that it should be. Freedom for all, Peace, Security, Abundance of Quality Supply, Healthy Body, Healthy Earth, Healthy Happy Humanity as a whole. Sound idealistic to you? I believe we are all here wanting to live our best life ever.  I suggest that we intentionally focus on and allow ourselves to daydream about what we DO want our lives and the Earth to be like for ourselves and generations to come. We have the power!!