In the Beginning

I have been incarnate on this planet for over 60 years, this time.

I have had a diverse background. I always felt that I didn’t fit in and as a result,
I became quite independent at an very early age.

At 17 years old, I graduated from High School
(working diligently to stay “off” the Honor Roll).
The summer I graduated, I moved out on my own, and
secured a professional job in the Banking Industry for several years.

Meet Cindy

20 to 30 Something

I married someone just like my dad (mistake?).
I gave birth to a daughter and started a successful business within months of each other.
Divorced a few years later, I sold my business.

I decided to get back into the metaphysical world so I took on clients as a Tarot Reader.
Which I really enjoyed!

I learned first hand that the Universe/Source
does NOT hear the word NO or NEVER,
because the town I said I would NEVER live in
was exactly where I moved to with my daughter as a single parent of a soon to be 6 year old.

I also adamantly recall stating over & over that I would NEVER marry again!
So, of course, I married again!!
This time to a man who on the outside didn’t seem to be a match for me.
**Note~ First husband was 6ft. 7 inches tall, second husband 5ft. 3 1/2 inches tall,
that is 6 inches shorter than me!
The Universe/Source truly HAS a sense of humor!!

I was astonished to find we were a perfect fit on every other level, where it counts.
His jovial, upbeat personality was and still is truly the wind beneath my wings.

The Passion

I strayed from the path of metaphysics and the unseen.

At this point I followed now hubby into the land of Mainstream Religion
(Literal Definition: Return to Bondage).

It was not without its value.
A huge eye-opener, it allowed me to relate to so many folks with religious upbringing and baggage.
Our spirits, our true-selves eventually were so stifled we left mainstream religion.

I found a deeper more meaningful relationship with ALL THAT IS through
Automatic Writing, Meditation and Introspection (simply going within).
From age 17 to present there has been a common theme of training, educating and empowering self & others,
which has been the path to the greatest joy for me.

For the last 20 years or so I have poured out from my heart and my experience
to folks through our Organic Farm & health food business.
I have written several books, created an educational CD,
held many workshops and multi-day seminars,
all to help folks to restore their health by getting their body/Earth-suit alkaline.

FYI~ The farm started because I was physically not well with several diagnosis’,
and hubby knew THE underappreciated alkalizing plant that would heal me and it worked!

Initially I was confused as to why I was so drawn to help people through metaphysics,
but also passionate about helping to empower people to physically get well.

Then Source confirmed for me that if the physical body is not healthy,
the pain and suffering cloud people’s perception
and that will not permit them to go within to access their true power.

Pain, sickness, disease are major distractions to the life of your dreams.

In The Now Moment

So, here I am, a Healthy, Happy Organic Farmer in the Health Food business,
reaching out and expressing my passion, empowering folks,
to the astounding power they wield, as Spiritual Beings in a physical body.

I look forward to sharing with you from my own experience
and as a channel for the Divine in all of us.
Enjoy yourself!