All Is Well All The Time

All is Well All the Time. If we only grasped how profound that statement is for us. If we open ourselves to the unseen world that Prime Creator has arranged for us to experience we would all live a more expanded version of ourselves and with a deeply grateful heart. For example, do you have even the slightest idea how your hair grows? Do you really care, as long as you have hair? Do you understand how electricity works, or do you just care that the lights come on when you want them to? How does the water in the Pacific Ocean end up as dew on the grass in the Canadian prairies? We live so much from a place of taking this physical Earth experience and all of it’s amazing details for granted.

That is kind of the way we have been living our lives in general, including the eternal, non-physical, spiritual part of us.  Here is something to ponder. Were you aware that there are Elemental Spirits that are working on our behalf on this planet? There are four specific groups that align with each of the Earth elements: earth, water, fire, wind.

The Earth Elemental group are known as the Gnomes, the Water Elementals are known as the Undine, the Fire Elemental group are the Salamanders, and the Wind Elementals are known as the Sylphs.

As they are one with nature, their primary role is to look after nature. I am sure you have noticed that when you walk the beach or are out in the forest or around any body of water, you just feel better, more calm, at peace and can breath easier. This would be attributed to the Elemental Spirits.

While we may have lived each day totally unaware of their existence before this moment, I encourage you to remember them and appreciate their contribution to your life experience. They have influence over the food you eat, the water you drink or bathe with, the air you breath, the heat that warms you and the weather which effects every moment of every day. They have influence over basically every natural process that occurs on this planet! Thank you Elemental Spirits for making our lives better and helping the Earth to heal! We so appreciate you!!!