Angelic Assistance

I have learned so much from those who have gone before me. I mean physically in this life experience and those who have experienced many “other” life experiences. One fellow in particular shares that he has lived over 1000 lives on Earth. He shared that he has a simple way to engage your angelic assistants (your guardian angel in particular) to be of ready service to you. Not that they are withholding from you in any way, shape or form. It is just that “they”, our glorious angelic helpers, may only interject into our lives “upon request”. Unless of course there was a life-threatening danger which was NOT part of your overall plan.

I have had such fabulous experiences using this fellows advice that I thought you may enjoy the benefits as well. It is super simple. What you do is to say out loud or write your request on paper,

” I request the most benevolent outcome for………, thank you.” 

I have used this approach for simple things like a good parking space, for good interactions with others, I have asked for interesting people and information to come my way, for my business to prosper, etc. The results have been astounding. I also request the most benevolent outcome for each day, for my sleep space each night, for help finding lost items, for understanding new concepts in courses that I take, for challenging conversations to go well and the list goes on and on.

As I understand it from my own angelic and non-physical guides, they are most enthusiastic to participate in helping us to live our best life ever. Employing this simple strategy assists us in accessing more and more of that which Prime Creator made available to us on this planet. It can be a challenge to introduce new concepts into our lives, I get that. But, once you start to experience the ease with which life unfolds for you with angelic assistance, it becomes a very easy new habit to utilize and fit into your life.

I request the most benevolent outcome for the readers of this information to experience how fabulously powerful they are to live their best life ever, with the help of their angelic assistants, thank you!

Until we connect once again. Big Hugs!!