Attention on Your INTENTION

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to you this day to offer guidance and direction. You are most powerful beings. Especially at the time of this shift. We encourage you to make a point of focusing your attention on your Intention. What that means is that if you invest your attention on what the noise in the world is spewing 247, you will be suctioned down into the depths of fear, despair and hopelessness. When in fact you ARE the Creator Beings who are innately empowered to create on this Earth exactly as your heart desires!!

We do encourage you to give to yourself. We mean, for you to take the time to sit quietly in contemplation, meditation, stillness, with NO thought thought. Allow your mind to clear. If you do desire a point of focus, your breath is one way to do it. We prefer to focus on a beautiful scene, real or imagined. Feel free to feel yourself flying, or tip toeing across the clouds over a beautiful lake. Dip down and skim across the surface of the turquoise blue waters. Feel the breeze in your face, dance in the air, laugh, even wink at a passing swan…..These may seem like foolish expressions of your time. Yet these times of allowing your soul to be free from the fetters of the dense human form will serve you extremely well. You are valuable. You are here for a reason. Give quiet time to yourself, even just 5 or 10 minutes per day. Choose, where you give your powerful attention with intention to back it. If you desire a sunny day, set your intention to that. Or a pleasant conversation with someone, or the most beneficial outcome for a difficult phone call. Your Intention Will Set the Tone and deliver to you the desired end result!! You so have this!! Blessings.