Clear Your Space

Learning how to clear ones own space/auric field, is vital to being able to function more clearly and without interference from the influence of others. Some folks like to do this first thing in the morning, but I prefer to do it before going to sleep at night. I find that clearing the residual from the day brings about a “cleaner” more restful sleep space. What I do is imagine in my mind’s eye a beautiful, pure, long-stemmed white rose that has just begun to open. I command this beautiful rose to gather up ALL the energy in my field that does NOT belong to me. (This energy in your field may be a well meaning parent, friend or co-worker etc.). Sometimes I see my rose swirling about in my auric field and some times you just “know” that it is finished doing its job. Then I imagine/see this lovely rose OUTSIDE of my auric field, and I have it explode, like colourful fireworks, releasing all of the energy from other people, back to them, with the direction, to be for their highest and best good. Then, I create a different colour rose. Use whatever colour comes to mind. Seems I usually see a different colour each night. This stunning rose I see in my mind’s eye, is also long-stemmed, but this time I see this rose as a bit more open than the first. You create whatever kind of rose works for you. I command my rose to go and collect up all of my energy that I have left elsewhere. (This could be a distraction from work, or your concern for a sick friend, or current world affairs. There is no need for you to be able to label the situation). When I feel it is complete, I see the rose come to my heart chakra and let it just dissolve there, releasing my energy back to myself so that I am once again complete. I usually find that this makes for a very restful sleep. This is a small but valuable step to taking responsibility for your own spiritual well-being. Grounding oneself is also a fabulous tool. We shall venture there next time. Enjoy!