Creating a Platform from Which to Experience

As we become more aware of how easily the external “noise” of life can so easily shift our attention, I have found this tool a most effective solution. This simple tool can be used by anyone at anytime in anyplace. We start by imaging the simple yet powerful geometry of a triangle. This is an extremely stable platform to base your energetic attention from.  Then choose 3 words, one for each arm of the triangle. Now, FEEL each word individually. Then feel two of them together, then the other variations and then all three together. Make a note of how they feel different individually and when combined with one or two of the other words. You can choose any words that you can feel. For example, certain, empowered, capable, happy, relaxed….you get the idea. Play around until you find three that create the “feeling” you would like to experience. You can create several platforms of words to stand on at one time, or have different platforms for different situations like at work, or out with friends or during your quiet time. For my meditation time I enjoy the platform of aware, quiet and present. Healthy, wealthy and wise is one that you can aim for…but don’t reach too far from a feeling you can easily accomplish. Then work up to the ones that stretch you a bit. You can do all of this in your imagination or written out on paper. Happy Creating! Enjoy!