Creator, Are You Creating OR Reacting?

If only someone had told you when you were young that you truly can create your own reality, the world would be a very different place, don’t you think? What we desire to draw into your awareness is that though the big house, fancy car and lover of your dreams are one thing. What we desire you to be so consciously aware of, is that you ARE a creator, every moment of everyday, all the time! Not just for creating those “things”, but also the little daily situations, like the traffic flowing smoothly in the direction you are traveling.  How about for getting the perfect parking spot? How about creating a great conversation with your child, or your child’s teacher, or your employer, your co-worker or your mother-in-law or your spouse? How about creating “space” for you to delve into your passion?  How about creating a life where you show up at the right place at the right time? Or you find amazing serendipitous situations unfold regularly in your day to day life? Little things, like scoring the last one of your favorite cookies, in the cookie jar?

Sounds too airy fairy for you? Actually it is quite practical. We will explain. There are a plethora of thoughts. options, choices, feelings running though your mind and body every Milli-second of the day. You have the option to CHOOSE rather than react or respond to being pulled here or there. It is quite easy to just “go with the flow” of what everyone else is doing or expects you to do. But then you are not being the creator that you are. What we are suggesting is to make an investment in yourself. An investment of “Attention & Intention.”

Simply stated, make a point of quieting your mind for a few moments. If you do this before you get out of bed it helps you get the day off on the right foot! Any time of the day will do. Make a point of focusing your Attention on the overall theme of your Intention. Allow yourself to consciously focus on a positive, uplifting general remark which is then relayed to the non-physical realm which awaits your instruction. For example: I am having a wonderful day. Everything goes my way. Everything works out for me. It gets better and better. Life is full of wonderful little and big surprises. I am open to things going my way today. My life is filled with ease, flow and enjoyment. I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. I appreciate all the creative people in my life. I enjoy becoming the best me I can be, for me.

Notice that you don’t have to be specific. It is more of a general guideline for the non-physicals to orchestrate from, on your behalf. As a creator being it is time to flex those creator muscles that no one told you that you had. We suggest that you start with an overarching sense of well being as a general theme to begin with. Feeling good is a very pleasant place to begin. Once you notice the improvements, you will easily find many more “creative” ways to intentionally create your day, your week, your life! Enjoy Dear Ones!