Dear Ones, Open the Eyes of Your Heart

There is so much splash and glitz, new this’s and that’s to draw your physical eyes, ears and attention away from that which truly matters. We encourage you to draw yourself back to yourself. We suggest that you make the time (just an illusion any way) to go within. Connect with your heart and what it is trying to guide you to, or possibly what it is trying to guide you away from. Your heart does have eyes you know. Your heart perceives/sees the love that you are and sees the love in others of Self. A simple way to draw yourself back to yourself is to use your imagination to create a beautiful rose. It can be any color you desire. “See” it clearly the eyes of your heart. Now direct that beautiful, high-vibration rose to go and collect up all of your energy that you have left elsewhere. Then “see” the rose come back to your heart. Allow it to dissolve and release all of your energy back into your heart space, that you may be whole again. Feel free to do this everyday before you go to bed if you like. Enjoy the sensation of wholeness once again.