Energetic Tools For Everyday

Everything is energy! Once you bring that into your awareness you now have a whole new realm of fabulous, free, energetic tools to benefit from in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic experience.

First we are going to Ground ourselves energetically. To do this, simply become aware of the base of your spine. Then “imagine” a cord attached to the base of your spine and then connect it to the centre of the Earth. Next imagine a second cord wrapping around the first cord like the stripe on a candy cane. Intentionally attach that to the centre of the Earth as well.

What you have created is a place for thoughts and emotions to drain to, which are not serving you. This frees you up to think and feel more clearly. YEAH! Clarity!!

I personally use this tool everyday. Often I detach the cord from the Earth, wait a few seconds and then re-attach the cord to the centre of the Earth. My understanding is that the Earth is going through a massive transformation NOW, and doing this detach and re-attaching gives me the opportunity to be connected to where she has evolved to. Sometimes I do the detach re-attach before bed and again when I wake up in the morning simply because we (humanity) are changing & evolving in our sleep space as well.

The next tool is The Rose. Before I explain how to use this gift from Prime Creator, I want you to be aware that everything is energy, therefore everything has a frequency. To put this into perspective, the Earth resonates at a frequency between 7.83Hz and as fast as 16.5Hz. The frequency of a Rose is between 520Hz and 580Hz! That is astounding!

A simple, beautiful, fragrant Rose has far more going for it than we are commonly aware of. So, what does that mean for you and me? I will explain how to use this glorious energy tool and then answer the question. It should make more sense at that point.

To begin using The Rose Tool, “imagine” that you are holding a beautiful long stemmed rose at arms-length in front of you. Now, using your imagination, “see” a rose behind you at the same distance from your body as the first rose. Again using your mind’s-eye, draw a line from the first rose in front of you, through your heart energy centre and connect it to the rose behind you.

Next, you will “see”/imagine a rose to the right of you and another to the left of you. Both are the same arm’s-length distance from your body as the first two roses. Once again draw a line to connect the two roses through your heart energy centre.

Finally, imagine a rose arm’s-length both above your head and another rose below your feet. Connect these two roses with a line between them and going through your heart energy centre. You may now feel very balanced and centered, like a gyroscope. Your heart becomes a point of stability. You have created an energetic “force-field” around your aura (your personal energy field).

To answer the question asked before, please note that what the high frequency of the rose does for you is to put up a field of high positive energy that does not allow negative/ lower vibrations to penetrate your personal energetic field. Awesome! Yes?

What I find is that it gives me a bit of room to breathe. I can observe what appears to be a negative situation, from behind my roses and then choose how I desire to respond. From my experience this works better, rather than being sucked into the negative energy vortex and becoming completely immersed in it. It may help to think of everything outside of your roses as a movie or a stage play/threatre.

I also place the roses around my vehicle before I drive my car. I have found the roses to be very effective to keep tailgaters out of my space. I have also seen the rose tool be effective out in front of me to safely navigate around slow drivers or erratic drivers too.

Try the Rose Tool! Practice just “being aware” of the roses throughout your day. The roses can even be used if someone is negative on the phone. Simply imagine the rose between your ear and the phone. Then notice the calm sense of detachment you experience. This then allows you some space to think and breathe and choose your course of action or response. I encourage you to play with this. The possibilities are endless and the benefits profound.

Why aren’t we taught these simple, free tools when we are growing up? That dear one is another topic of discussion for another day.

Live well! Enjoy NOW! Like Yourself!