Eternal Breath

We have the ability to adapt in so many ways as creator gods, but we must BREATHE air consistently, in order to function in physical form on this Earth.  Just as drinking enough clean water has been proven to have a profound effect on your physical well-being, so too can the way you breathe improve your overall well-being on many levels. Focusing on ones breath has been a key factor for people all over the Earth when initiating their meditative state. I would like to suggest that taking a few moments throughout your day to pay attention to how you breathe may be a great boon to your experience of calm, peace and productivity. This may be done when taking a bathroom break, or waiting in a lineup etc. There is no need to close your eyes, so eyes open. Try this for even half a dozen times and feel the difference. Simply put, imagine the glowing golden-white and pink light sphere that surrounds you, it is there! It is anywhere from 5 to 9 feet in diameter. The glowing light IS the pure LOVE of Supreme Creator that envelopes you at all time. Now focus on the area of your heart. This is the very centre point of the sphere that surrounds you. Now breathe into your heart, imagining that you are breathing in the pure, pink, love-filled air of The Creator of All That Is. If possible feel it penetrate your heart from every possible angle. I find that when I feel the breath coming in from my back it particularly enlivens me. Then breathe back out into the sphere. If you want to add an additional benefit to your breath, notice how you can make the sphere expand every time you exhale. Love in, love out, more love in , more love out further, more love in, more love out even further. Once you reach a comfortable expansion point just enjoy the peace and calm and comfort of being surrounded by the pure love energy of Source. We encourage you to give this a try. There are no set rules or time of day or frequency to do this, just gift a few moments to yourself each day when you think of it. I also enjoy doing this breathing before I get out of bed in the morning….it sets a lovely tone for my day. Enjoy being you, being Source, being you! Until we meet again, blessings!