Go Within or Go Without

What a profound ancient declaration of truth! “Go within or go without.” A more western way of looking at the same concept would result in a question. “Do you think for yourself?” Though thinking may not be the most accurate word, it has a similar meaning. Thinking for yourself brings up the notion of engaging the 3rd dimensional rational mind. Whereas the intent would be more along the lines of checking in with your gut, or checking in with where your heart is leading you. How do you FEEL about a particular situation, etc.?

See if you go along with the crowd, you get the results that the crowd gets. But if you desire to live and fulfill the reason you incarnated on this planet at this most auspicious time, then it serves you more fully, if you take a different approach than what the crowd has chosen. If you do not choose to get quiet and go within your beingness, you will most definitely go without the abundance of guidance & clarity available to you from your built in emotional guidance system. Not to mention missing out on the legions of beings available to you in the angelic and non-physical realms. Who literally await your engagement with them. You have all the power to provide them permission to assist you on your journey in this most opportunistic time on this blue jewel of a planet!

You ARE an individuation of the Divine in physical form, and you are here to be apart of this grand experiment to restore humanity and the Earth to their original design. When you venture within, you tap into the All That Is, and the key pieces of information to allow you to live your best life ever! We encourage you to Go Within, since you needn’t go without! Enjoy this journey, you signed up for it!!