Greetings Divine One!

You ARE divine! All of the “others” you encounter in your day are also, divine. They are you and you are they. Please take the time to consider the depth of this. We ARE all ONE. We are having individual experiences, but we are ONE. I know it sounds cliche, but if we could find the stillness that rests within our heart, we would find that we are all connected. We all just want to be happy, be loved, be appreciated, be accepted. Why is that? Because our true essence is in the ONENESS. To reject another is to reject self.

I hear so many these days talking of wanting Community, or looking for their Tribe. That desire is a longing of the heart to consciously re-connect to the wholeness of the ONE, of which we are. As we allow ourselves and “others of self” the freedom to express their Soul’s desire in physical form we add to the experience of The All That Is, of which we are a leading-edge contributor.

Dear one, the divine in me, acknowledges the divine in you.We appreciate you!!!