Grounding, No Matter Your Age

I sat listening to a wonderful woman, who’s entire life’s purpose, seems geared towards being a bright and respectful light to little children. She had been going through a difficulty regarding another staff member at the After-School Care facility that she works in. I listened, allowing her to rehash the turmoil that had played in her mind for more than a week. (Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves say what is on our mind out loud in order to sort things out.) After a bit of time I offered the Rose Tool to her which I have shared with you in a previous post.

She immediately felt relief as she played with the Rose Tool. That was a great gift she gave to herself by allowing the suggestion to benefit her. I also suggested that she teach this simple Rose Tool to her students. Children are always more receptive to spiritual tools than adults. She was quite excited to do this, since she had just experienced the wonderful results herself.

I offered her an additional tool. This time it was how she and the children could create a pathway to release any thoughts or feelings that were not serving them. That easy to use Tool is to create a Grounding Cord, or if the children find it more intriguing they can think of it as a tail, or silk rope etc. You are doing yourself a great service when you attach your “imaginary” Grounding Cord from the base of your spine (1st Chakra) to the centre of the Earth (remembering to also turn it on in your imagination). You are giving yourself a way to drain off unwanted thoughts or emotions that are NOT serving you. It is a very simple yet profoundly effective tool to relieve the pressure that has built up inside of your being. Once you have it turned on it stays on. I personally like to make a point of detaching it every few days and then re-establish the connection to the centre of the Earth and my 1st Chakra as a way to refresh my awareness that it is there and working on my behalf at all times. Play with this and see how it benefits you. Chances are you will notice that you feel calmer in general. That is a wonderful feeling.

This Grounding Cord may also be applied to pets or computers or appliances that are having a challenging time. If an animal is upset, just intend for a Grounding Cord to go from the base of their spine to the centre of the Earth and watch as the upset is allowed to drain off and dissipate. Be creative, you are doing all of this with your imagination. Begin to tap into the inherent power that your imagination wields. You are awesome! Until we meet again!!