It Shall Come to You

At the time of this transmission the world is in a state of considerable upheaval. It can be a serious juggling act just to stay grounded, behind your rose and in a place of calm. We strongly suggest that you avoid all of the social and mass media, in whatever form it takes. It energetically clutters the reception of your higher good. We can assure you that if there is relevant info that you, in particular, need to know, it SHALL come to you! As you give to yourself a few minutes per day to just ALLOW yourself some breathing space, you also allow yourself to be guided and for pertinent information to flow to you through the ethers, via inspired thought or through another person, or overhearing other people in conversation etc..

You are a key player in the unfolding of that which  is transpiring on the Earth at this time. You will be informed and kept in the loop always, but do you have the clarity of mind to receive the incoming message? You will have that clarity as you give to yourself first. Let us explain. You are like an antenna, you send AND you receive information energetically. But when you allow yourself to get caught up in the bombardment of contradictory info, drama, he says she says, that the social and mass media are spewing moment by moment, your receiving signal tends to gets fuzzy, filled with static. It also guides you away from your heart centre, your true guidance and intelligence, your feeling place.

Turning over every stone to find the answer “outside of yourself” will leave you scattered, exhausted and confused. Take some time for yourself and “go within” just sit quietly, in a calm room, out in nature or where ever you can find quiet space for yourself. Breathe deeply. LOVE, eternal LOVE is in the air. It feeds your soul and your spirit and your body. Now, you are an open vessel able to receive what you need to know and when you need to know it. You have everything you need in the “NOW moment” in which you need it, that includes information. Trust your guidance. It is at work in and for you 24/7! The bonus is, your guidance has a MUCH vaster perspective of what is transpiring in the world around you. So it has better qualified info to share with you for your highest and best good!!

You are so grand! It is fun to watch as you become aware of who you really are and the phenomenal potential you hold within your earthen vessel! Remember, everything shall come to you, and it always is coming to you. Question is, are you in a coherent, calm energetic place to receive the information?  You are most capable. Be still and know how amazing you are! Blessings