It’s An Inside Job!!

This is a huge topic. I could probably write a book about this, but I want you to benefit from this information NOW. You ARE a non-physical Soul/Spirit. The majority of “you” is still in the non-physical realms. A very small, tiny in fact, portion of “you” has come into this physical experience in a dense, carbon body. In the physical realm you are very limited, unlike the non-physical aspects of you. But because you are mostly playing in the dense physical realm you tend to depend on your 5 physical senses and the feedback they give you about what is going on in your experience. Please remember this is the tiniest portion of who you really are, not insignificant, very significant in fact. But the physical senses misinterpret what is really going on, from the larger perspective of the greater part of you in non-physical.

There are two things that people seem to long for more than anything else, Happiness and Freedom. Let’s tackle happiness first. If we look to the outside world to validate us, and line up in an external way that represents “happiness” to us, we will never be happy, there are too many variables that are out of our control. There will be glimmers here and there, but nothing sustainable long term. But once you realize that happiness is an internal CHOICE, that you make for yourself in spite of external circumstances, then happiness is a now and always experience for you. As you cultivate a daily lifestyle of quiet contemplation/meditation, you begin to be able to hear the inner dialogue, which the greater part of you is endeavoring to convey to you on a moment by moment basis. FYI this quiet contemplation is not some fancy thing you must rigorously work at to attain. It is simply getting alone and quiet. It may help to focus on your breathing so your mind has a chance to stop constantly thinking. You can’t do this wrong. Though it may take some time to get to that quiet place quickly. But who said it had to be quick? The point is to give to yourself a few minutes everyday to be alone and quiet, so you can allow the greater non-physical part of you to be heard. Once you connect with your inner self, the love you connect to will allow the happiness that is inherent in you to be enjoyed. Happiness is an inside job! And you have all the tools you need to be successful at it right now!!

Now take all the info you just received and apply it to FREEDOM. We ARE free! We are Prime Creator having a physical experience as us. When we connect with the non-physical parts of our self in our quiet time this becomes more and more apparent. Shifting your perspective to this “inside rather than outside” perspective will set you free, as it IS your original design!

No one is keeping you from being Happy or Free. It is only a construct of the mind, which has been influenced by the outside realm. You are divine, you are significant and you are endowed with everything you need to have a Happy and Free physical life experience, because the greater part of you IS already aware that ALL of you is Happy and Free. Freedom is also an inside job! Isn’t this great news?? Everything you have need of is already apart of you. It is matter of connecting to the vaster part that has a vaster perspective, which ultimately allows us to experience our heart’s desire while in physical form. You are divine, you are loved, you are successful. The greater part of you can show the physical part of you how to enjoy the Happiness and Freedom you desire. It is only a few quiet minutes away from where you are right now. Big Hugs