Stop and Smell The Roses, Literally!

When was the last time you just sat calmly and quietly with your own thoughts and gave time for yourself and your well-being?

Seems we have been programmed to be plugged in to outside stimuli 24/7. Which leaves little room for you to get truly acquainted with who you really are and what you would like to experience in your life. Kind of seems like a novel idea doesn’t it?

My observation & past experience tells me that most of us live in a reactionary way. The “issue of the moment” draws us in, whether it is our issue, a family member’s issue,or your employer, client, or friend’s issue. It almost seems that it is designed to sweep us up and carry us down a stream we had no intention of exploring.

If you don’t love, appreciate and value yourself by making time, and taking time for yourself, by yourself, who else will?

I know as women we seem to be “the hub, the go-to person”, for so many different people. If you desire to be there for others, how about filling up your vessel first, so that you have something of quality and value to give to the others in your life?

Being a calm, healthy, happy, stable example of self-love and appreciation will speak volumes to anyone who should be honored to cross your path. We learn by example far more than by the words that are spoken anyway!

The old adage, “Stop and Smell The Roses” has come to life for me in the last while. Besides actually doing just that, stopping, admiring the magnificent colours, designs, petals, foliage and heavenly fragrance, I have also learned about the Vibration and Resonance that Roses hold, and their vibration far exceeds other types of flowers, and plants!

Raising your personal vibration to one of self-love, respect, appreciation for your part and contribution to the whole of humanity is often ignored. It seems like a big bite to take, maybe it even feels like a waste of time to you. Let me assure you, when you intentionally love yourself in word, action or deed, it resonates eternally and helps sway others to love and honor themselves too.

It always starts with each of us, right here, right now.

Until next time, Enjoy Yourself!