The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a magical kingdom where the players don’t even know that they are just players. It makes for such a convincing game, with drama, romance, fun and excitement. How are you enjoying the game so far?

Source Energy, Prime Creator, All That Is, Grand Overall Design, or whatever you call IT, is the originator of everything we perceive and think of as “real”. If that is a bit much to swallow, all at once, let me help you with a word picture.

Imagine a vast ocean and let’s say that that vast ocean represents Source Energy. Then we take a little toy sand bucket and dip it into the vast ocean of Source. Now, everything in that little bucket is Source, but NOT all of Source. The bucket represents our Earth Suit/Body filled with the divinity of Source (the vast ocean), yet we are not aware of the fullness of the divinity that we are. YOU are an extension of Source Energy! You and I ARE Source, being who we are as individuations, being Source.

Let me unpack that for you… In my current physical, human incarnation, I am called Cindy.

Therefore, I am Cindy, being Source (the Cindy piece of the whole of All That Is),
being Cindy (Prime Creator getting to have and experience physical life on earth as human Cindy).

I am Cindy, being G.O.D., being Cindy

You are you, being G.O.D. being you.

The Game of LifeLet’s just set that mind bender aside for a minute. If we come back to this current physical experience and look at the magnificence of our physical body we may begin to recognize the divinity within.

The body you inhabit digests food, grows hair, re-creates trillions of cells daily, fights infection, circulates blood, detoxifies your entire system, breaths and can even make a new human baby ALL at the same time! Everyone of these amazing (in and of themselves) feats occurs in you 24/7 WITHOUT you giving it a single thought!

You ARE Awesome!! Source-like, you might even agree.

So let’s put that into perspective some more. Do you “see” these things transpire when they happen? NO. Do you “feel” these happen?

Not usually, BUT, you certainly “feel” the effects of these independent, amazing occurrences. Did you orchestrate these brilliant systems to function correctly to keep your physical being well? NO.

The Grand Overall Design looked after that long before you breathed your first breath as the you that you currently are. So if all of that has been set in place just to keep the perishable, physical part of you going…..what do you imagine is possible for the non-physical, eternal part of you? (the part that looks out from behind your eyes)

Let’s just agree right here, that all there is to know about “who we really are” and how we function at infinite levels of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes, is beyond the numbers of the stars in the clearest night sky!

As you ponder and appreciate your body for the magnificent being that it is, then just wait until you get more acquainted with the “real”, non-physical you.