The Hindrance of Habits

The making and keeping of so called “good” habits has been touted for ever. Habits though, inevitably hook us to the “past”. “Good” and “past” are very much linked to the 3rd Dimension. So as we move into living in the Well Being of the “Now Moment” in 5D, it is in our very best interest to re-assess even what we once considered “good habits.” This can have far reaching implications in our day to day lives, especially in relationships. When we choose to examine our daily and relational habits in the now moment we will find there is an enormous amount to look at and choose from. The question to self is “Does this habit serve me in this now moment?”

For instance the habit of how we talk to one person varies from another. In focusing on our actions, words, or tone of voice which are all frequency,  we will discover that the conversation will evolve in a different manner and frequency. Once we start to examine our “habits” when interacting with others we will be shocked to see how much of a 3D “auto pilot” way of speaking we exhibit with others. Our aim moving into 5D would be living every moment “intentionally.” Our 3D experience has left us living and interacting in a very sloppy way. We can do better than this!!

As we each spend more and more time living from a 5D perspective in our physical life experiences, we will benefit tremendously from eliminating our old 3D habits. As we become more “present” in the now moment, we are empowered to choose how or what to say or do in that particular moment. This will facilitate more meaningful and valuable conversation and communications with others. Beautiful co-operation and co-creations will unfold almost effortlessly.

As we start by being aware of how we interact with just one or two people we will become aware of a “trigger.” Take a deep breath and intentionally choose to “respond” differently. Step out of the habit of re-acting, be it a positive or a negative. The sense of respect and appreciation for self increases as we take more responsibility for the frequencies that we are contributing to mass consciousness every time we be, do, have, or express. Living intentionally is freedom!

We can yield extremely powerful results as we ask ourselves these questions often, while navigating this energetic shift.

“Does this old habit serve me in this now moment?”

“If not, how do I choose to respond?”

Blessings Dear Ones!