The Rise of Feminine Energy

As we approach the summer Solstice of June 2021 there is great upheaval in the atmosphere. I am particularly noticing it in relationships. People who have been happily married for decades are all of a sudden dealing with long-ago buried little and big issues. It is abundantly evident that we can NOT take our mental/ emotional baggage with us into the realm of the 5th dimension. Though it may be extremely disruptive, it is for the facilitating of Better and Better in the overall experience of Well Being in 5D. In a way it is helping all of us to be honest with ourselves.

It makes sense that a relationship that was forged in the 3rd dimension, with 3rd dimensional perspectives is now struggling to stay balanced in this massive energetic shift. Our challenge now is to evolve into the 5th dimensional way of living, thinking and being with respect, appreciation and well being for ALL.

The 3rd dimension masculine energy and structures of fear, domination and control are quickly falling apart. YEAH!

The male female energetic dynamics are shifting rapidly and many have no idea what is going on. People are so stuck in their own little world they haven’t noticed that Earth and her inhabitants are ALL being transformed. This transformation is a good thing, but still very disruptive, especially if you are not yet awake to the unseen realms, or realize how ageless, timeless and limitless that we are.

Take time for yourself. Be good to yourself. As old issues arise take a few deep breaths and allow them to surface and then just bid them a fond farewell as you envelope them in a Rose and then explode the Rose as if it were the most amazing fireworks you have ever seen. Remember there is no reason to relive the emotions, especially if they do not serve you in this present moment. Allow the “stuff” to be released, and allow yourself to be blessed by this transition to Better and Better, the land of Well Being for ALL!

Hug, Hug, Hug Dear Ones.