The World Is Your Oyster!

Did you ever wonder what the saying “The World is Your Oyster” meant? Let’s answer that first and then see how it applies to our spiritual life. Basically, what oysters do is take an irritating piece of sand, or whatever, that has gotten in it’s space/shell and then surrounds it with it’s amazing, lustrous coating. This in turns creates what we refer to as a pearl. A pearl of great prize, if you will. (I personally enjoy my pearl earrings, AND they always remind me that “I have a choice.”

Let me explain further. Irritations, situations, circumstances seem to appear often at the least opportune times, from our perspective. What we need to recognize is that they are “hand-crafted” to assist us on our journey. Therefore, as we are learning to give up EXTERNAL CONTROL of others and begin to assert our INTERNAL CONTROL of self, we can then make great use of our “perspective.”

Like the oyster, we can surround the irritant with any positive spin we can come up with. This is also a great way to exercise our creator god capacity/imagination. Sometimes just taking a breath can give us a moment to “choose” a new perspective, rather than the old, triggered, well-worn, emotional, re-actional rut we know all too well.

We and the oyster are after the same end result. We want whatever is irritating us to stop being an irritant. Agreed? The oyster has limited options. (Not having an opposable thumb to pick the sand up and physically remove it from its shell would be one such limitation! LOL!!) We on the other hand we have a vast amount of tools, skills, qualities and abilities at our disposal. Most of which are rarely accessed or utilized!

One of our most valuable duos in my estimation, is our ability “To Choose our Perspective and thus our Response” regarding the irritant that is presenting itself before us.

So, if the world is our oyster, that means the world is our home, just as the oyster has its shell. Sometimes “stuff” gets in our space, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And like the oyster, we have the ability to take that irritant and transform it into something that is pleasant in our space.

Simply changing our attitude from, “Why does this always happen to me?” to “What a great opportunity to re-examine this and see how I can use this to make my life better moving forward!” This small but significant adjustment in perspective and attitude reaps great rewards for us in the Now moment and long-term. The freedom, the weight lifted from our shoulders, simply by choosing to approach challenges differently will find us excited to BE in control of our life from within.This is much more in alignment with All That Is.

Circumstances, situations, irritants are simply gifts, if we only choose to see them from a different perspective. I have invested at least 30 years of my life to “refining myself” for myself. My aim has always been to live my best life ever. And no one knows what that looks like for me, better than me!

Gift yourself a “New Perspective” or two, or three, or four, on irritants old or new. You will be so pleased with how wise, creative and astute that you really are.

Truly Enjoy Yourself, for you!