You DO know that Love never fails, right? It is not just an expression, it is the reality of the human experience/experiment on planet Earth. It is so wonderful to see people more willing to say “I Love you” to each other out loud and in public. But sometimes one needs to be able to express that Love even when vocalizing it is not possible or conducive to receptivity.

At one point in my life I would go to a local hospital and pray with elderly people who had just had surgery etc. Many were well advanced in years, lonely, fragile and frightened. This was a religious hospital, but they served anyone and everyone in the community no matter their faith or lack thereof. Some people were so weak they barely had the strength to open their eyes. I always asked their permission to pray for them. No one, male or female, ever refused me!! It brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes as I recall the many tender moments I spent with these people. I would hold their hand and speak softly, words of encouragement and blessing. I often wished there was a way to express the direct “I Love You” of the Creator to those people. I had to trust that my presence was enough for them to know that I was sent to express that Love for them from the Divine.

Then one day a very special man came into my life and he did something wonderful for me. He reached over and gently rubbed my baby finger. It “felt” Loving, but I had never experienced that before. He told me, “This is a universal way to say I Love You, to show your Love and to experience it physically. You can do this anytime, anywhere to anyone.” This wonderful expression of Love was gifted to me by my Soul-Mate. It has become known to us as a Twiddle! It brings such joy as we each try to be the first one to “Twiddle” the other during the day, on a car trip, out for a walk, before to go to sleep at night….the possibilities are endless. It always brings smiles and giggles. Two things the world can use more of!!

Your energetic level will rise to an astonishing high frequency that will benefit you and the other beyond compare. So we encourage you to share the meaning and experience of the Twiddle with all of those whom you care about, especially children and the elderly, plus extend it to others so they too may be blessed by the Love that the Creator has for each and every one of us. As we ARE the expression of the Divine in human form.

Happy Twiddling!!