We Are At An Amazing Crossroad

We are at an amazing crossroads at present on many levels and dimensions we can only speculate about right now. The cosmos are watching us on earth. It is as though we are participating in a grand science experiment as a collective consciousness on Earth. Yet each of us are having an amazing individuated physical experience, as a part of the whole.

It may be beneficial to use the analogy of cells in the human body. We have trillions of cells, and they each specialize in a particular area. For example, blood cells are obviously different than liver cells, heart cells, skin cells, hair cells etc. Yet, we fully grasp the concept that these trillions of cells are part of one physical form…..YOU! It is your physical Earth suit!!

Then there are Billions of individuated human beings on this planet, of which you are a part. There are untold numbers of planets, stars, galaxies etc. Yet we are all a part of the whole, WE ARE ONE! We just tend to have our head down and focus on our narrow little bit of all that life has to offer us.

The movie Antz was a great example of the benefits to broadening our perspective. The short version is, there was an ant colony. There was talk of a Nirvana located close by in their legends. As the story goes, there was a dangerous, vast body of water and a huge monolith that must be navigated before you would ultimately come upon “the land of plenty” with more than enough food to feed the entire colony without endless work, slaving away, to feed everyone.

We Are At An Amazing Crossroad

At the end of the movie the camera pans out so you can get a broader perspective. It turns out the vast body of water is a puddle at the foot of the monolith, which turns out to be a water fountain. The “land of plenty” was a large public garbage can next to the fountain.

As the camera’s perspective panned out even further, you began to see that the fountain and garbage can were in a park. Central Park in New York to be specific. The camera panned out some more until you saw New York state, then the country of the United States of America, then the entire North American continent, then all of planet Earth, then our Solar System, Galaxy etc. etc. etc.

The moral of the story is, as we open ourselves to a broader perspective on a given situation or circumstance that we find ourselves in, we will gain more clarity, ultimately accessing more choices. Thus we have more options to choose from to live life on our terms rather than a reactionary, knee-jerk, same-old, same-old response.


We are busy with our own little colony and all of the drama of its day to day functioning, therefore we miss the “bigger picture” and the vast opportunities available to us to live life on our terms in a way that blesses us and the whole of humanity and beyond.

Next time we will begin to explore options for how we get from where we are NOW, to where we believe we would like to go.