When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

Say you are involved in playing a game and your little “man-shaped token” has enormous built-in capacity to live a most amazing, abundant, healthy, wealthy, wise life, but he does not know, is not aware of what his capacity is to control and create his BEST LIFE EVER!?

The “game” for you, in your Unlimitedness, “knowing and facilitating the bigger picture”, is to find ways to enlighten him as to his abilities, potentialities and his unlimitedness. BUT you must work totally within his free will! He is the one in the land of form (the game board), not you. How do you “help” him to help himself? Do you bring people, books, movies, posters, license plates, across his path? Do you send him messages in his sleep or dreams? Does he overhear a conversation that sparks his interest? Do you keep drawing his attention to sets of numbers like 111, 11:11, 12:12, or 12:34? Do you create aromas that trigger him to go to a certain place at a certain time to hear, see, smell or do something that will “open” him up, to create even a tiny crack in his “awareness” so he is able to “receive” the next clue you have for him?

Your game then is being one or more steps ahead of him to point him in the direction of the next piece in putting together his best life ever. His game is to figure out that his real aim is pursuing greater and greater awareness and not just the “things” of physical form, which he thinks will create his best life ever! Besides, you know there is a Ferrari, a dream mansion on the beach and the love of his life waiting for him and he really desires all that. But his current dream life is at a level where he owns a car that runs, he has no mortgage payment, a 2-week paid vacation somewhere other than his back yard, and hopefully not doing it alone, would be his dream reality! This is the height of his ambition at the moment, and he sees that, as way-out there as far as a tangible reality for his future.

How do you help him to live up to his potential and allow what he really desires to rise to the top to where he can acknowledge that he really does desire more and better and even beyond what he can currently comprehend? How do you do this especially without over-whelming him or freaking him out to where he gets so depressed about his current situation that he gives up completely?

See, the reason you are playing the game is that you want him to get to the place where he realizes his potential to create whatever life experience he desires, whenever he desires it! You want him to know that he is a powerful, divinely inspired creator-being! You want him to know, that the world is his oyster!

Do you know why you want this outcome? You want this outcome because then you, can “inspire” him to expand his experience so that YOU, the Divine non-physical part of him, is empowered to live through him in the physical universe!

Your aim is for him to be more aware that you ARE his Inspiration and Source for whatever he desires to experience. That YOU are there providing to him and through him, ALL that needs to happen for it to manifest in his physical world, for BOTH of you to live and enjoy!

Sound crazy? Step back and observe your life experience thus far. The shoe is on the other foot. YOU ARE the “man-shaped token”. The One overseeing “The Game” is Prime Creator, GOD, Source, The Universe. We as humans are the tokens, the game pieces! We have such potential, and Source is ALWAYS with us to provide whatever we require for the experience to unfold. But unfortunately we think little of ourselves and far less of our Source.

This IS The Game of Life! We are IN it right NOW!! How do you want to proceed???

I suggest you start by reading this once again…..