Write It Down And Make It Clear

If you are noticing a theme of simplicity in my blogs, I sure hope your spiritual antenna are up!

It is man’s way to complicate things and baffle folks with the smoke and mirrors. Prime Creator has looked after ALL of the complicated details so that we have the greatest chance of success.

That makes sense doesn’t it? Especially when you are aware that it is Prime Creator experiencing Itself through the individuated human form such as you or me.

This concept of actually writing down exactly what you desire, in the positive tense (example to follow) came to be experienced by me firsthand about 28 years ago. It was a life changer!

My very astute older neighbour at the time, saw me floundering in the dating arena as a single parent. He suggested that I write down ALL the qualities that were important to me in a potential partner. That sounds easy, but I had spent so many years thinking negatively about my past marriage that I was stifled. I told him, “I don’t know what I want, but I sure know what I do NOT want!” In that moment a brilliant light went off in my head. I decided to use the “NOT WANTS” list as a jumping off place to write the opposite on my “DO WANT LIST”!

*Tip~ make sure to only use the negative qualities to launch you over to the “Do Want List”. Our aim is to create an enthusiastic, positive energetic force that opens up the way for Source to begin the process of orchestration, to draw those attributes to you, in physical human form. Example: Do NOT Want / Always Late       Want List/ Punctual, Respectful of others time/Likes to be early.

long stemmed rose

Feel free to get as detailed as you like, right down to what kind of foods you want him/her to like!

I suggest you write out an initial list of 10-20 qualities that are important to you. Then give yourself a few weeks to fine tune the list. Add new items, remove ones that aren’t as important as you first thought. Please forget about compromising in any way shape or form!!! This is YOUR Ultimate Desire for a partner, job, home, vehicle, lifestyle etc.

It took me over 3 weeks refining my list until I was satisfied. I found that observing other people in social or public settings was really helpful. For example, I noticed that it really tugged at my heart to see a couple holding hands, especially couples in their advanced years! To me that spoke of long-term love and commitment to each other no matter how time had unfolded the aging process.

Once you are satisfied with YOUR list you can do one of two things. First option is to just put it in a drawer or somewhere out of sight. Then leave it to The Powers That Be to begin the unfoldment. Second option, offer the list to Prime Creator with a heart filled with gratitude & appreciation, simply for the exercise of writing the list, which most likely brought clarity on the subject that you had not been aware of before. With a thankful heart, leave the list tucked away out of sight, KNOWING you have done YOUR part.

This works! I had one lady who was working in an office, only a year or so from retirement. She was a petite, happy, ball of fire! Always out kayaking or biking or hiking. Her complaint was that all the men her age that she was meeting were sick and out of shape. They simply couldn’t keep up to her. I shared with her what I have shared here with you. She wrote out her list….hedged a bit on what she wanted. I reassured her to be clear about what she wanted and NO COMPROMISES!! Three months later she says, “Where is he?” I told her to be patient. Six months go by, nine months and then about 10 or 11 months into it she meets a fellow who was running the Seasonal Department in a big chain store. They hit it off right away, had a few dates and within a few months they both retired and together moved back to the east coast where she had grown up! That was bonus for her. She hadn’t put that on her list but it was her heart’s desire to move back home. They were still enjoying life together when we last communicated.

All things ARE POSSIBLE to them that believe!!

Stay Awesome!!