You are FAR MORE than you think you are!

If we had been made aware of Who We Really Are and what we really are capable of from a young age, this world would be a very different place to live and love! I dare say most of us at best, have been taught that we are merely little peons, just hoping to get in God’s/Creator’s good graces so that we can have a decent life free of pain, lack and loneliness.

I am here to declare to you dear ones, that nothing could be further from the truth!!! We each ARE Individuation’s of The Creator! We are not just human beings with a little God spark inside of us. The entirety of who we are (spirit, soul, body) IS The Divine Source of All That IS! Just think about it.

The body you inhabit, did you create all the systems and orchestrate the trillions of cells to do what they do? No! Who did? The Creator, therefore the human vessel you live in and experience life through IS God’s doing. We are currently each an embodied-spirit with a personality and we have been given “free will” just to make The Creator’s experience through this human form, a bit more interesting for It’s sake. Have I lost you? This is pretty earth-shattering information!

Just think about it. If you are basically riding on God’s shoulders in this earthen vessel a.k.a. human body, then any inspiration or desire that wells up inside of you was His/Her idea. Therefore that is what He/She wants to experience through you! There is no arm twisting involved on your part trying to get your needs and desires met. Once you recognize that God, He/She desires a vast experience to know Itself through your physical perspective, you are now free to LIVE LARGE! It is no longer you “begging” for material stuff or experiences, it is the Divine Creator stirring in you that which It wants to experience.

Therefore, even though you have no idea how this “thing or situation” could possibly come to pass….all you have to do is ALLOW it to unfold. Now that sounds simple, but in fact it is quite a challenge for most of us to give up the reins. By allowing I mean to say that you are using your free will intentionally to accept as possible, any and all grandiose ideas that well up from inside you. In addition to being free of the responsibility to make them come to pass. It has no-thing to do with your abilities or worthiness. That is old school/religious nonsense!

When you give the green light to Source with an attitude of allowing, something like, “Well that sounds way out of my reach, but never the less, if that is what The Creator desires to experience through me, so be it! I won’t stand in Your way by thinking small.” This is going to be your best life yet! The more we allow our perspective to expand beyond the finite limitations we have been taught all of our lives, the better and better our experience gets. Besides if “anyone” has lived what you desire to live and experience, that guarantees that you can live it too!