Clearing for Clarity

We all have the best of intentions, yet still we find ourselves taking on others “energetic stuff” throughout our day. After all EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! We are bathed in it 24-7.

An extremely effective, and oh so simple clearing method is to become aware of your crown chakra, located at the crown of your head. Imagine yourself breathing in through your crown chakra, and direct the breath into your heart, then simply exhale, directing your breath out through your extremities. Meaning, feel the breath go from your heart area, out into your arms and legs, fingers and toes. Feel this exhalation go into the Earth to be renewed. Repeat at least three consecutive times, slowly. This gives you a pause in your day, to return to yourself and give yourself a little love, a little space just for you. Why carry around excess energetic baggage all day?  This technique will aid in re-aligning you with the greater part of you.

Another quick way to help you gain clarity is to imagine “clear”. Sounds silly right?  Try it! Give yourself the permission to experiment with this.

Imagine what clear looks like & what it feels like. Wow, right?

A third way you could approach this is to feel “neutral”. Did you feel your shoulders drop? Bet you didn’t even think you were tense.

If you want to create and energetic powerhouse for yourself, draw a triangle. Then label each one of the sides with one of the words, CLEAR, NEUTRAL, CLARITY.  Do your best to feel into this.

For example, How do any two of the words feel when paired with each other? Mix them up, feel them, see them. Then feel how they all work together. You can even set an intention to feel those words during the course of your day. This would be of great benefit, try it.

You are such an amazing creator!!!

Have a look at it this way, you can’t control anyone else, but you can “manage” your perspective and internal experience most of the time, with some practice. Granted you don’t become proficient at it over night. But doesn’t it give you hope that at least it IS in the realm of possibilities for you? Experiment, play with this, you will enjoy yourself as you literally begin to craft your personal experience on the inside. And that is where it counts the most!! ~ Blessings Dear One.